Payroll & CIS

At Sterling Wells, we have a devoted staff of payroll specialists that are well-versed in the art of processing payroll for companies like yours.

Construction Industry Scheme


Under the CIS, contractors are required to register with the system, however sub-contractors are exempt from this need. Look for jobs that are covered by CIS and exceptions inside.

PAYE Registration


The first thing to do when establishing a payroll system is to register with HMRC. Inside this article, you’ll find additional information regarding PAYE Registration in the UK.



Be aware of the deadline for the submission of the P11Ds form, the obligations for record keeping in regard to the P11Ds, and any other exemptions.

Pension Compliance


Get a grasp of the processes involved in the pension enrolment mechanism in the UK as well as the minimum needed contribution to the pension fund. We will walk you through each and every need.

Payroll Services


Discover out about the different payroll services that we have to offer, such as the preparation and submission of monthly or weekly payroll, automatic enrollment in pension plans, and more.

Director's Tax Planning


We can provide you with effective tax planning that keeps NICs and taxes under control if you are a director who is interested in getting the most out of the money you earn.

Salary Sacrifice


In a salary sacrifice arrangement, the terms of an employee’s employment contract are modified in order to lower the employee’s claim to cash pay, which is typically done in exchange for a benefit that does not include cash payment.

Trusted by over a hundred companies in the UK for their Accounting and Tax requirements.


A reasonable price for a service of high quality. The accountants at Sterling Wells are hassle-free.

- Paul


There is no needless red tape at Sterling Wells Accountant. Simply a nice approach with all processes.

- Declan


They are very helpful for managing my little investments. With them, I have established two firms thus far. 

- Abby

Our Process

Our strategy for resolving your difficulties is straightforward; we assess your needs and offer a free initial consultation to better comprehend them, and then we present an estimate, onboard you, and establish rapport.

Need Assessment

First, we attempt to ascertain whether or not you have specific needs.

Free Consultation

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to determine the scope of your issue.

Sending Quotes

We'll provide you a quote right away after understanding your issue.

Client Onboarding

As soon as you accept our estimate, we'll bring you into the problem-solving fold.

Rapport Building

We'll be in contact regularly to inform you on our progress solving your issues.

Additional Guidance

If you need any further advice on the subject or if you need any other services, we'll be in touch.

Sectors We Cover

We have been providing coverage to different industries in the UK; the following are those that are pertinent to your particular need.


At the forefront of our business, we specialize in delivering custom accounting solutions to the dynamic technology sector. 

Financial Services

Our approach is simple: we begin by carefully analyzing your specific financial needs and goals. From there, we work closely with you to create a customized plan that meets those needs while also aligning with your overall financial vision. 

Real Estate

With our deep knowledge of the real estate sector and our commitment to outstanding service, we strive to be your trusted partner in building your success.

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