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Why Choose us for your Research and Development Tax Relief?

Professional Advice

R&D tax credits are confusing. Our experts maximise client returns. We will review your projects and help you file a complete and accurate claim for reimbursement.

Simplified Process

No two businesses are alike. Our experts will work with you to create a customised strategy to maximise your R&D Tax Credit claim. We provide customised services for your business.

Tailored Solution

We simplify R&D tax credit applications. Our simplified process won’t disrupt your business. We’ll handle the paperwork, claim preparation, and filing so you can focus on innovating.

Proven Track Record

Success is our track record. We’ve helped many companies submit valid R&D Tax Credit claims. Join our satisfied customers who have profited and expanded.

Why Claim R&D Tax Credit?

Boost Your Finances

R&D tax credits can help you save money. Reinvest in business-changing activities like R&D, market penetration, hiring, and infrastructure.

Stay Competitive

R&D tax credits keep you competitive. You can innovate faster and stay ahead by reinvesting surplus funds in R&D.

Encourage Innovation

UK innovators receive government funding and other support. R&D tax credits help your company and the nation economically and technologically.

Is My Business Eligible For R&D Tax Credits?

Before deciding if your business qualifies for R&D Tax credits, the project carried out must be considered as Research and Development.

We have set of questionnaires to assist us in efficiently determining the eligibility of your project.

Industry We Focus

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 Check Which Scheme Applies To You!

R&D Tax Credits encourage companies to invest in R&D and foster innovation. However, identifying the appropriate R&D scheme is difficult. We’ll help you determine your scheme here.


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What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

“We value client opinions, tailoring services to meet unique needs, and address challenges for optimal solutions.”

R&D Tax Credits were unfamiliar to me as a tech startup founder. Sterling Wells helped me. Their R&D tax experts carefully assessed our projects and expenditures and helped us apply. They carefully prepared our claim and identified R&D activities. We received a large R&D Tax Credit thanks to their expertise and attention to detail.

-John Smith, Startup Founder.

I did extensive biotechnology R&D but didn't know about the tax benefits. Sterling Wells Accountants R&D Tax Credit experts helped. They examined our eligible R&D costs and goals. Precision and biotechnology expertise maximised our claim. They helped us get a large R&D Tax Credit to keep innovating and advancing.

– Mark Thompson, Biotechnology Research

Sterling Wells changed our engineering firm. R&D tax credit expertise is unmatched. They collaborated with our team to gather crucial data and make a compelling claim. Their professionalism and responsiveness made the process easy. Sterling Wells is highly recommended for R&D tax credit support.

– Emma Jenkin, Project Manager

R&D Tax Credits were unclear for my manufacturing business. Recommended Sterling Wells exceeded my expectations. Their R&D experts examined our product and process improvements. They claimed all R&D Tax Credit expenses smoothly. They helped us get a big tax credit to reinvest in R&D, making us more competitive.

-Sarah Johnson, Company Owner.

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5.0 Rating | 25 Reviews

5.0 Rating | 32 Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can startups or loss-making companies claim R&D Tax Credits?

Yes, startups and loss-making companies can benefit from R&D Tax Credits. In some cases, they can receive cash refunds or use the credits to offset other tax liabilities.

2. Is there a time limit for making an R&D Tax Credit claim?

The time limit for making an R&D Tax Credit claim varies by country. In the UK, for example, the deadline is typically two years from the end of the accounting period in which the R&D activities occurred.

3. Can R&D Tax Credits be claimed retrospectively?

Yes, in some cases, R&D Tax Credits can be claimed retrospectively for eligible R&D activities conducted in previous accounting periods. However, there are specific rules and limitations regarding retrospective claims.

4. Can grants or subsidies affect R&D Tax Credit claims?

Yes, the receipt of grants or subsidies for R&D projects can impact the eligibility and amount of R&D Tax Credits. It is important to understand the rules and guidelines regarding grant funding and its interaction with R&D Tax Credits.

5. How should I document and substantiate my R&D activities for a claim?

It is crucial to maintain comprehensive documentation, including project records, technical reports, financial statements, and evidence of technological uncertainties. These documents provide evidence to support your R&D Tax Credit claim.

6. Are R&D Tax Credits limited to specific industries?

No, R&D Tax Credits are not limited to specific industries. Companies across various sectors, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and more, may be eligible if they engage in qualifying R&D activities.

7. Can I claim R&D Tax Credits for unsuccessful R&D projects?

Yes, you can claim R&D Tax Credits for unsuccessful projects. The focus is on the R&D activities undertaken and the effort put into resolving technological uncertainties, regardless of the outcome.

8. Can R&D conducted outside of the country be eligible for Tax Credits?

Eligibility for R&D Tax Credits typically depends on the country’s regulations. In some cases, R&D activities conducted outside the country may still be eligible if they directly benefit the company’s operations within the country. However, the overseas subcontractor rule is expected to change from 2024.

9. Is there a minimum spend required to claim R&D Tax Credits?

There is generally no minimum spend requirement to claim R&D Tax Credits. However, the claimable amount must meet the eligible criteria, and companies must provide adequate documentation and evidence of the R&D activities conducted.

10. What should I do if I've already filed my tax return without claiming R&D Tax Credits?

If you have missed claiming R&D Tax Credits in your initial tax return, you may be able to amend your return or submit an additional claim, depending on the regulations of your country. Consult with tax professionals to explore the options available to you.

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