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Accounting for Contractors

With the help of Sterling Wells, all your problems related to construction will be met with a solution; making it all seem like a breeze. Not only do we cater to small refurbished contractors, but also large scale real estate developers. With our experienced team guiding you in every step, your business is sure to reach new heights. 


Successful construction projects require comprehensive financial planning. Our financial planning experts can help you create customized plans that align with your business goals, reduce costs, and maximize profits. Whether you’re a small contractor or a large real estate developer, Sterling Wells’ team of experts can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Tax Compliance

Compliance with tax laws and regulations is crucial in the construction industry. We offer guidance from certified public accountants and tax specialists to help you navigate through the complexities of tax compliance and ensure you’re taking advantage of all available tax reliefs to minimize your tax liability. 


Accurate and timely financial reporting is essential for tracking your construction projects’ financial performance and identifying areas for improvement. Our team of certified chartered accountants will help you prepare organized and precise reports that reflect your financial standing and allow you to make informed business decisions. Whether you’re a small contractor or a large real estate developer, we have the expertise to help you succeed. 

Our Process

Our strategy for resolving your difficulties is straightforward; we assess your needs and offer a free initial consultation to better comprehend them, and then we present an estimate, onboard you, and establish rapport.

Need Assessment

First, we attempt to ascertain whether or not you have specific needs.

Free Consultation

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to determine the scope of your issue.

Sending Quotes

We'll provide you a quote right away after understanding your issue.

Client Onboarding

As soon as you accept our estimate, we'll bring you into the problem-solving fold.

Rapport Building

We'll be in contact regularly to inform you on our progress solving your issues.

Additional Guidance

If you need any further advice on the subject or if you need any other services, we'll be in touch.

How to Get Started

Starting with us is rather simple and straightforward; just be sure to choose the service you require and contact us with your concerns.


Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your property, taxes, or other industry. We are ready to assist you in finding a solution.


Book an Appointment

If you'd like to speak with an expert directly, you can schedule a meeting through this site. The experts from the relevant fields will then provide you the best advice in writing along with the appropriate solution.


View Our Resources

Yet, if you are confused by a number of issues in this field, consider looking through our resources and guides so that you may have a better grasp of your situation.

Our Services

Looking for an accounting firm to handle your real estate company's finances? You need look no further! We offer a diverse selection of accounting services that can be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Company Accounts

Find out what the Company Accounts comprise, the deadlines for preparing them, the penalty for filing the Company Accounts late, and many other things.

Corporation Tax Returns

Get an understanding of the various aspects of LLP Accounts, such as the deadline, the penalty for filing late, Small LLP, Dormant LLP, and others.

CGT Returns

Gain an understanding of the scope of the 60-day capital gains tax returns, including who is required to file a CGT return, the deadlines, transactions that fall under the CGT return, and more.

Finance Controller

Providing you with assistance in the establishment of an effective and efficient finance controller services. Find inside more information about the services offered by our finance controller.

Accounts Receivable

Discover the breadth of our account receivable services, such as processing bank and card transactions, posting revenues, verifying the accounts’ legal standing, and more.

Payroll Services

Discover out about the different payroll services that we have to offer, such as the preparation and submission of monthly or weekly payroll, automatic enrollment in pension plans, and more.

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