One to Many Campaign: HMRC Urges Swift Tax Review

HMRC has started its latest initiative with a One to Many letter campaign targeting undeclared income.
by Chirag
February 8, 2024

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HMRC’s latest initiative involves a One to Many letter campaign, pinpointing taxpayers with potential undeclared income from distributions or dividends. The focus is on individuals whose company accounts indicate a notable drop in profit and loss account reserves.

Prompting Income Review

Income Review - One to Many Campaign

HMRC, through meticulous examination of company accounts, is reaching out to taxpayers who may have received distributions or dividends but omitted them from their self-assessment tax returns. The campaign encourages a swift review of tax returns to ensure accurate reporting.

Recipients have 30 days to respond. If undeclared income is identified, the letter guides them to HMRC’s GOV.UK disclosure guidance. For those with no income to declare, timely notification to HMRC is crucial to avoid potential compliance checks and higher penalties.

Clarifying Penalties and Interest

Penalties and Interest - One to Many Campaign

The letter outlines penalties and interest details associated with potential undisclosed income. Taxpayers are urged to consider this information carefully, emphasising compliance with tax regulations to avoid legal consequences.

HMRC ensures authorised agents are part of the communication loop. This collaborative approach aims to facilitate smoother interactions between taxpayers and their representatives, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential compliance issues.

Delve into our in-depth “Taxpayers Lose Over £1bn due to R&D Tax Errors and Fraud” for comprehensive insights.

Swift Response Encouraged

Recipients are encouraged to respond promptly, either by declaring necessary income or confirming their non-liable status within the specified timeframe. HMRC emphasises cooperation and transparency to maintain tax compliance and avoid formal compliance checks.


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